Thoughts, everyone?
Thoughts, everyone?

What’s up with Jarryd Hayne’s butt?

JARRYD Hayne has never had the reputation for being the best trainer and this pre-season has provided further evidence of that.

Hayne has been on the NSW Central Coast with his new Parramatta Eels teammates after joining the Sydney club from the Gold Coast Titans last year - and they've been put through gruelling fitness sessions to prepare them for 2018.

Hayne has reportedly lagged behind his comrades on sand dune runs and obstacle courses. Even coach Brad Arthur has left the representative in his wake.

But it's alright everybody, we know one of the reasons why. Fox Sports chief NRL reporter James Hooper is on the case.

Hooper eyed the Eels as they trained a couple of hours north of Sydney and found himself on Hayne rump watch. You can't blame him - apparently it's very hard to miss.

According to Hooper's keen observations, the former NSW No. 1 has glutes for days. A backside you can hide behind. A booty to block out the sun. Enough buns for a Brady Bunch BBQ. A derrière to make you stare.

Thankfully for rugby league fans, Hooper was only too keen to share this news with Australia on national TV.

Speaking on NRL 360 on Monday night, he said Hayne's excess baggage was likely the result of his needing to bulk up during his short stint in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers.

And to complete the sporting trifecta, Hooper even brought a tennis superstar into the mix to help make the visualisation process a tad easier for viewers.

"Jarryd has never been a tremendous pre-season trainer, we know that," Hooper said. "When Ricky Stuart had him at the Parramatta Eels - and all his coaches will tell you - pre-season's not where Jarryd does his best work.

"The Eels are up at Soldiers Beach on the Central Coast. Last week I watched them do some sand dunes and a 5km hectic obstacle course. What I got out of that: Jarryd Hayne did finish in last position but what I got ... you can really see the strength work that he had to put in to his body physically in the NFL.

"He's got a huge rump, massive. It's not fat but it's just big, it's rotund. It's a little bit Serena Williams-esque.

"The coach did beat him home, Brad Arthur. He was in the top 10 and his young son Matt, who I believe is only 13-14 years-old, he ran it as well - super sharp."

Props to Hooper - getting "rump", "rotund" and "Serena Williams-esque" out in a matter of seconds is a feat that deserves special recognition.

Hayne's backside may not help in the endurance stakes but come game time it helps give him his explosiveness off the mark.

Arthur isn't concerned with what the 29-year-old is dishing up as he prepares for his first season back with the Eels since quitting the NRL in 2014, confident in the knowledge he's a special athlete who will shine when it matters.

"He is never going to win that sort of stuff but you know what, when we are doing our footy stuff and speed work he is in the best couple," Arthur told the Daily Telegraph last week.

"Jarryd's attitude has been great, unbelievable.

"He is never going to win a time trial or a sand dune run but he is getting fitter and he is getting better."

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