Temperatures dropped across much of Queensland under a thick cloud band and southerly winds.
Temperatures dropped across much of Queensland under a thick cloud band and southerly winds.

Records fall as Gympie shivers through cold snap

A RECORD standing since 1984 has fallen as a cold snap brought winter chill back to Gympie.

Temperatures last night fell to 9.8 degrees, but it was yesterday's maximum daytime temperature that made the record books.

While usually one of the coolest periods of the day, yesterday reached its maximum temperature 17.8 degrees at 2.30am, and is now the coldest maximum temperature for October on record.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Chris Joseph said the coldest October daytime temperature record had been standing since 1984.

Mr Joseph said yesterday's temperature was "about a degree below" that record.

Records also fell on the Fraser Coast and Bundaberg as much of Queensland shivered through the day, with temperatures up to 13 degrees below average October conditions.

Gympie's chilly night last night was about 4 degrees below average.

The good news for cold frogs is the temperatures will start "slowly creeping up" from today.

Cold weather lovers can thank what Mr Joseph said was "a very thick cloud band" and southerly winds for the chill.

"We had very cool southerly winds underneath that cloud," he said.

"A very large area of Queensland has been under the influence of this cloud band."

Gympie received little rain from the band - just 0.5mm in town - and Mr Joseph said coastal areas took a slightly greater share.

Today's fine weather will remain until Thursday, when the region can expect a 60% chance of showers, with unsteady conditions also bringing a possible storm on Thursday or Friday as a surface trough pushes through south-east Queensland.

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