Gympie Gold Fins swimmer Troy Carlson is the fastest ever seen in the Gympie pool.
Gympie Gold Fins swimmer Troy Carlson is the fastest ever seen in the Gympie pool. Craig Warhurst

Record book rewritten

THE fifty metre stretch of chlorinated water on River Rd has never seen a faster nine-year-old swimmer than Troy Carlson.

The Gympie Gold Fins swimming sensation has had an amazing two months breaking close to 20 club, pool and school swimming records.

Some of the records date back more than 30 years and are held by local swimming great John Grant and elite surf-lifesaver Jason O'Pray.

Troy has even broken his own records.

But Gold Fins coach Libby Manthey said the Year 3 Gympie South State school student could go even faster if he improved his stroke.

She said he is a raw talent at the moment.

"Once he develops as a swimmer and his stroke is refined he will be able to swim even faster," Manthey said.

"He is the fastest ever, the records prove that."

Troy at nine already has the physique of a top swimmer.

He is well muscled, tall with broad shoulders.

He also has plenty of confidence and loves to talk about swimming.

He said he didn't have a favourite stroke but loved breaking records and winning.

"I am a bit of an all-rounder," Troy said.

"Butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke and back.

"You just have to swim hard and do your best."

The one thing he wasn't really sure about in swimming was the four days a week he spent training.

He said he was "50/50" on the subject.

"I don't really like it, but I like carnivals, I can improve my times."

Troy won three golds and a silver at the Gold Rush carnival. At his school carnival he swam in eight events including the open races and won all races, breaking all the old records.

He said his hero in the sport at a local level is his cousin Scott Gear who is off the state sprints early next year.

In the national arena his idols include Ian Thorpe, Skippy (Geoff Huegill), and Brenton Rickards. Manthey said the club had a lot of good up-and-coming swimmers at the moment.

"If we slowly increase their work in the pool we will have some really talented swimmers in the future."

"The hardest thing is keeping them in swimming."

She said to be a top class swimmer athletes needed a lot of dedication and needed to put in hours of training in and out of the pool.

"It's not that easy," she said.



Club Records

 9 years boys 200m freestyle - previous record 3.17.01 set 25/02/05 (Drew Timbs)

 New record 3.04.52 set 14/10/11, also a pool record. 9 years boys 50m butterfly - previous record 41.44 set 24/10/98 (Nick Edge)

 New record 40.47 set 22/10/11, 9 years boys 400m individual medley

 New record 7.33.44 set 11/11/11, also a pool record, 9 years boys 50 butterfly - previous record 40.47 set 22/10/11 (Troy Carlson)

 New record 38.91 set 12/11/119 years boys 50m freestyle - previous record 35.38 set 9/2/78 (John Grant)

 New record 35.18 set 19/11/119 years boys 200m freestyle - previous record 3.04.52 set 14/10/11 (Troy Carlson)

 New record 3.00.71 set 19/11/119 years boys 50m backstroke - previous record 42.56 set 6/2/99 (Paul Davis)

 New record 41.67 set 20/11/119 years boys 100m freestyle - previous record 1.22.25 set 18/3/83 (Jason O'Pray)

 New record 1.19.59 set 20/11/119 years boys 200m individual medley - previous record 3.25.49 set 11/3/83 (Jason O'Pray)

 New record 3.20.05 set 20/11/119 year's boys 50m freestyle - previous record 35.18 set 19/11/11 (Troy Carlson)

 New record 35.17 set 26/11/11


Meet Record

At the Cooroy meet Troy broke the 50 freestyle record for his age - previous record 35.44 set 01/03/97 (Kyrstopher Liddelow)

New record 34.60 set 29/10/11

Gympie South State School

 Open 50m freestyle - previous record 39.03 set 2010. New record 34.72 set 2011

 Open 50m breaststroke - previous record 54.13 set 1997. New record 48.66 set 2011

 Open 50m backstroke - previous record 50.35 set 1997. New record 43.72 set 2011

 Open 50m butterfly - previous record 49.56 set 1997. New record 40.98 set 2011

 Open 25m freestyle - previous record 18.58 set 1996. New record 16.40 set 2011

 Open 25m breaststroke - previous record 25.98 set 1996. New record 22.40 set 2011

 Open 25m backstroke - previous record 27.12 set 2000. New record 19.22 set 2011

 Open 25m butterfly - previous record 22.67 set 1996. New record 17.91 set 2011

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