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Recidivist offender took car for two days instead of hours

A RECIDIVIST offender has spent four months in prison after stealing $1300 of power tools from a locked, fixed toolbox in the back of a ute.

Damien Michael Flower, 37, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday to 16 charges including unlawful use of a motor vehicle, break and enter, and five fail to appear in court.

Police prosecutor Shayne Studdert said Flower's offending started on June 5, 2017 when he stole a bottle of perfume worth $88.40 from Malouf pharmacy in Rockhampton.

On September 19 in Emerald Flower and a female borrowed a ute and didn't return it for two days, taking $80 from the owner's wallet in the vehicle.

He also stole a vacuum pump from the yard where the ute was parked.

In October, Flower stole power tools from a Campbell Lane address. DNA left behind on a bolt cutter enabled police to link Flower to the crime.

When arrested in late December, police located four Olympic 2000 coins in bubble wrap stashed in his backpack.

He refused to provide a DNA saliva swab to police despite multiple requests.

Flower was busted loitering and drinking water from taps from a vacant office building lot in Fitzroy St in January. There were also two syringes on the ground near him and one uncapped syringe in his pocket.

Flower also stole a laptop left at the Lifeline charity bins in Campbell St on March 4, 2018.

Defence lawyer Doug Winning said he spoke with Flower's mother ahead of sentencing and she claimed Flower had been hit by a car when he was nine-years-old and had cognitive issues since.

"He has a problem with memory," he said.

"He does have a drug problem.

"Over the past 12 months, he's been living around Rockhampton... living a derelict lifestyle.... living on the streets."

Flower received seven-months prison with 133 days declared and immediate release on parole.

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