What are 'real men' made of?
What are 'real men' made of? Robert Cumming

Real men – where for art thou?

AT NEARLY 50 years of age, it may be a little late in the game to be asking this question, but, what exactly is a real man?

Of course, part of me suspects that real men wouldn't ask this question.

But it appears I'm not alone in wanting to know, judging from the number of ladies posting their thoughts on social media of what real men should be, or do.

Paying child maintenance regularly appears high on their lists.

Apparently real men are also sensitive, good providers, thoughtful, open doors, carry groceries, hug, cry, pray, listen, shop and constantly pamper their partners. Plus, judging from the photos, real men have perfect teeth and hair, and love showing off their rippling six-pack abs.

Staring down at the carton covering my six-pack, and thinking of the daily struggle it is to stop it from turning into a keg, I decided to continue my research elsewhere.

On other sites I discovered that real men hunt, fish, build stuff, ride motorcycles, have sheds with beer fridges, belch loudly, seek adventure, barbecue, are patriotic and can handle creepy crawlies without high-pitched squealing.

Dazed, I turned off the computer and went for a putter on my bicycle - minus the lycra.

During my ride, I thought about the men I've looked up to and concluded that real men are: honest, reliable, confident, composed and skilful.

Afterwards, I asked the Philosophical Farmer, who mulled it over then replied, "Why didn't you ask, what is a real person? "

"Okay. What is a real person?"

He smiled, "Well, that's for you to work out, mate. We should all try to discover our genuine selves."

"Are you for real?" I gawped.

He grinned, "I sure am, man."

Hopefully I've got another 50 years to fully think this through.

Greg Bray blogs at http://www.gregbraywriter.wordpress.com. Find him on Facebook: Greg Bray - Writer.

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