READERS DISCUSS: Views on same sex marriage for Australians

OPPOSITION Leader Bill Shorten and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young will introduce bills which, if passed, would allow for same-sex marriage in Australia.

Mr Shorten's notice indicates the bill will be introduced to the House of Representatives next Monday at the next sitting of Parliament.

The move comes after both major political parties in Ireland allowed for a referendum where people voted to allow same-sex marriage in the country.

Do you support same sex marriage in Australia?

This poll ended on 29 May 2015.

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

The Bulletin would like to know readers thoughts on same-sex marriage.

Here are some of the comments readers posted on Facebook:

Anja Zemlicoff - No valid reason for anyone to say no.
Adam Gee - Amazing that equality actually requires a vote in this day and age. Find that kind of sad.
Sharron Payne - Who cares who marries who. What gets me is that they can't legally marry but according to centrelink they are a couple and can't get single person payments. Just the gov't way of being stingy! It works one way but not the other!
Leonard Walker - So homosexuals want "equality," but don't like Centrelink treating them like a heterosexual couple. Time to wake up, and get with the plan. Homosexuals cannot pick and choose which bits they want for equality. Either take the complete package or get off the bus.
Andy Latimer - Well let them have the complete package

AntoinetteBrian Nothdurft - Yes to marriage equality, love is love.
Kerry Anne Crew - How about we start calling it EQUAL marriage.... grin emoticon
Adam Gee - Just out of curiosity, does anyone who opposes equal marriage have a reason to deny it that isn't religious in nature?
Tamara Stewart - Cause trouble, are you serious. Religion causes more conflict then anything else in the world. Its ok for bible bashers so to speak to knock on my door & make a massive fuss about there feelings & there beliefs but thats not causing trouble now is it.

My partner & myself (yes I am a raging lesbian) own our own home, are starting a family & work full time, we help out in our community & even though we cant get married like a straight couple we are taxed to the point of breaking like everyone else. Double standard dont you think? Why cant I have the same rights to marry as any straight couple when in every other aspect I am treated the same.

Maybe as a gay person I should start a religion. Maybe It should outline how much straight people sin to "my god" & cram it dont peoples throats. Maybe that way I can avoid paying my taxes like any narrow minded church. Sounds pathetic doesnt it?
Sandy Graham - I'm with Adam, don't see why question needs to be asked. But unfortunately there are some very narrow minded people around.... Big yes from me.
Francesca Jaeger - Who cares as long as the two people getting married are happy smile emoticon
Melody Gee - It shouldn't have been an issue in the first place.
Carla McDonald - Absolutely! Every person should have the right to marry whomever they chose regardless of gender.
Valarie Hawkins - No I do not agree , I dont care if they have civil unions BUT what is going to happen to Churches who do NOT believe that Homosexuals should marry because it is a sin ( most churches believe this ) if Homosexual marriage comes in, will they be forced to marry people ? if it comes in , just go to a celebrant BUT I can tell you now that some homosexual couples will want to make a point and cause trouble for the churches
Amy Johnson - I couldn't get married in a church because neither myself or my husband are baptized, so I'm pretty sure if they can say no to a straight couple now they can say no to a gay couple...
Valarie Hawkins - Yes Amy some churches are more strict than others , yes it will be interesting , we are already hearing stories from USA of a wedding cake shop that was sued because the owner refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple
Amy Johnson - Oh yeah I can imagine there will be plenty of cases like that. Its a shame that we can't all just get along and meet each other half way. Legalise gay marriage but then gay people should recognize that some people may not agree and not want to participate so if thats the case let it be, move on and find another cake shop who is happy to take their money lol
Naomi Crager - A church has a right to discriminate as they choose. A government does not.
Joanna Freeman - Could some people saying no please share their opinions as to why they oppose? I'm curious... Not looking to slander anyone's opinions here.
Rachel Jones - In my personal opinion i say no because marriage is constituted as between a man and a woman. I think lgbt should be able to have civil union
Joanna Freeman - 100 years ago we burnt women at the stake as a common law practice... And believed that bad spirits caused disease, not bacteria and virus. We upgraded from those thought processes so don't you think marriage laws could go under the scope to be upgraded for a more modern world too?
Valarie Hawkins  -Ok Joanna you asked so I will tell you ( it will be interesting to see if you will NOT slander my opinion as you stated ) I am coming from a Christian point of view , Christians ( and I am not talking about the people who just believe their is a GOD and go to church once a year , i mean you know the Christians who eat breathe and sleep loving Jesus , the ones who read their bible daily , anyway ) we believe that The bible is Gods Holy word and he says in the bible that homosexuality is a sin , its not natural , it is a product of lust and lifestyle , we don't believe that GOD created homosexuals , we believe that God made us all heterosexual ....would I be mean or treat a homosexual person badly ? NO WAY of course not , I have a relation who is Homosexual I would never bag him , I don't preach to him either ..I guess we stand against homosexual marriage because we believe its a sin and it deprives a child of a MOTHER and a FATHER may think its backward etc but you asked for others views

Joanna Freeman - Thanks for your honest answer Valarie... No slagging people's opinions here! I guessed the majority of people that oppose would come from a religious stance and as I'm not religious I just wanted to know the religious reason against marriage equality . I can't oppose your opinion because it is your opinion and as I said I'm not religious.

I do have one thing to say however... What does your God say abut accepting every man and woman as they are created? Being gay is not a choice... It's as fundamental as preferring the colour blue to green... Sexual orientation isn't a decision... You are born that way. Ask your family member and ask him if he chose to be gay? Really talk to him and I think you will be surprised as to what he or any other homosexual person would say. I think this is the fundamental issue with this debate... If we can grasp the fact that people's sexual orientation is something we are born with then it doesn't become a debate about choice. It just becomes about accepting people wholly for who they are... And encouraging honesty about self identity.
Valarie Hawkins - Christians believe that God did not create us Gay, we believe there are only Heterosexuals created and everything else is just a perversion of what God intended it to be , I read a story once of a guy who always believed himself to be heterosexual yet started watching Porn ( incl gay porn ) and ended up in a gay relationship ( that's how I believe it happens that they entertain the thought they are gay and act on it , even from a early age ) My cousin ( the gay guy I am close to ) was sexually abused by a pedophile as a child , he even says that it messed with his thinking , as I said I may not agree with it BUT I dont judge gays , the gays I know are lovely people , I dont state my point to them that would be plain mean , my cousin knows I am a christian and knows what I believe we just dont talk about it much , he knows that I love him
Tamara Stewart - The bible also mentions a talking snake & a virgin that fell pregnant.. Because thats logic.
Valarie Hawkins - Tamara , yes we believe in a Supernatural God , he is GOD , he is Not human , he is not controlled by human logic or reasoning nor does he have to be limited by our earth ...if God wanted a virgin to fall pregnant and a snake talk I am sure he can manage it smile emoticon people say that Christians are closed minded ( I have heard that alot ) , I mean really ? we believe in a virgin birth , talking animals , a supernatural God , miracles , demon possessions etc etc and we are the closed minded ones ?

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Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

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