The picture that started it all.
The picture that started it all. Facebook

Reaction to gun picture explosive

WHAT I hate this week is the uproar concerning Australian swimmers Nick D'Arcy and Kendrick Monk after they had a picture of themselves posing with guns in the USA posted on Facebook.

The uproar this has created is just over the top.

They weren't doing anything illegal, just being boofheads and thankfully there is no law against that.

Some may think it strange to have your photo taken with guns but they're sold everywhere in the States.

Tourists find it amusing and somewhat unbelievable that you can pick up a gun so easily in a shop. Many have their photos taken just because it doesn't happen in Australia.

I had a mate of mine (who is not a gun nut) travel to Indonesia and had photos of his sons with huge machetes and the like found in shops over there, because it was so out of the ordinary.

He even went to a shooting range where they could fire automatic weapons.

These activities are legal overseas and I can't see a problem. I know D'Arcy and Monk have bad track records but both have paid the price for their earlier stupidity.

Darcy especially has paid a heavy price for his actions, missing selection for the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he had a good chance of winning medals.

Now I think it was right he was banned from that event but now he has done his time. I admire how he has continued to chase his dream of swimming at an Olympics after all the turmoil.

Most would have pulled the plug after the ban. Now he deserves the right to swim for Australia.

The gun picture to me is just a couple of young, naive guys enjoying their time overseas.

Swimming Australia even took swimmers to a shooting range for a bonding session before the Beijing Olympics.

Their stance seems a touch hypocritical.

Good week

It was a great week with Gympie Cricket Association stalwart Jim Geiger being awarded an OAM in the Queens Birthday list. Well done Jimmy you legend.

Bad week

It was bad news that ended well when Gympie running champion Jack Curran missed the Race the Rattler bus. Thankfully his team mate Patrick Tierman soldiered on until Curran could catch up and run the last leg to win the event.

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