Rattler vandals in court

A MARY Valley Heritage Railway volunteer who let his friends into Rattler carriages for a drinking session said he didn’t know why the historic railway station had been the target of petty criminals.

Police questioned Craig Anthony McLean, 20, on August 12 about an act of vandalism that had happened during the previous night at the MVHR.

He admitted to taking three other people and opening the carriages so they could sit inside and drink alcohol but said he left before any damage was done.

McLean was charged with trespassing and in Gympie Magistrates Court this week was asked why “everybody targeted MVHR”.

“It was a cold night, thought we’d sit in the carriages and drink,” he said, without answering the question.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin believed McLean hadn’t damaged the carriages because two co-offenders had already pleaded guilty before her to charges of breaking and entering and committing an indictable offence for the vandalism.

Laurence John Betts, 19, of Mount Pleasant Road, Gympie, was sentenced to serve an intensive corrections order for 10 months and William John Dickson, 21, also of Mount Pleasant Road, was sentenced to six months of an ICO. Both men were ordered to pay $300 for damage repairs.

McLean, of Lily Street, Southside, was fined $400 and had it converted into 20 hours of community service.

The fourth person involved was Angus William Francis Moore, 17, of River Road, Gympie who also claimed he “didn’t do any damage” to the Rattler carriages. He was charged with trespassing and said it was a “spur of the moment thing” he did when he was drunk.

When Mrs Baldwin asked him what he would do differently next time he went out drinking, Moore said he would stay where the CCTV cameras were. “That will keep me out of trouble,” he said and was placed on a good behaviour bond for six months.


Petty criminals target MVHR

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