Kites at the Bonnick Road Dump site.
Kites at the Bonnick Road Dump site. Tanya Easterby

Ratepayers already pay dump fees: letter

RATEPAYERS already pay for dump fees.

Up until January this year we were paying two lots of waste management fees.

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When I first noticed these charges on our rates bill a few years ago, I rang and queried council as we have no rubbish collection service (and when I saw what council charges for this service on their website, I don't want it) - the customer service person advised me that one charge was to actually have access to the facility, and the other was to cover costs in manning/running it. Double-dipping in anyone's view. Public anger at this charge has resulted in a reduction to just one charge.

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Imbil dump hours will be reduced.
Imbil dump hours will be reduced. Renee Albrecht

We live at Theebine and travel over 7km to dispose of our waste at Gunalda, and are quite prepared to pay a reasonable fee in our rates to contribute to the costs of having a tip.

Up until recently it was a landfill, and council has now changed it to a waste transfer station which surely has increased running costs.

We purchased two re-conditioned wheelie bins direct from Cleanaway when we moved here at our cost - one for household rubbish and one for recycling.

It takes about 4-5 weeks for us to fill these bins at which time we make a trip to the dump.

My husband works away on a four-week on, one-wek off roster and have no children at home, so most of the rubbish is generated by me.

We minimised packaged goods, and compost and recycle where we can. We take one full rubbish bin of recyclables to the dump on an average of once a month. Just imagine how much a family generates.

I am old enough to remember when other councils used to charge dump fees, and the points raised in Scott Kovacevic's article in last Saturday's Gympie Times are correct.

There was wide spread rubbish dumping on roadsides and in forestries and rural paddocks by town dwellers.

Bringing about further charges (as I am sure council will not remove the current waste management charges) will also encourage those on rural properties to return to the old practice of dumping on their properties in gullies, etc which may produce heavy metals and toxins to eventually seep into our water ways and soils.

Sort of negates all the money and effort put into projects such as the Reef Rescue Project or the Mary River Catchment Care scheme.

Or they will return to burning their rubbish, adding to the carbon dioxide levels and toxic fumes we are supposed to be trying to reduce for the health of our air and the planet.

And what about all the industries that rely on sorting and processing recyclables?

A lot of those factory jobs are performed by handicapped or disadvantaged people - what happens to their jobs?

What about the industries that manufacture products from specific recyclables, such as plastics or rubber?

Those products will become more expensive due to reduced supply of materials so will not be cost effective.

More jobs will be lost in the ripple effect for everyday people employed in other positions such as sales, administration or technicians who make, maintain and repair the manufacturing equipment.

What about transport companies that move the products during their journey from dump to end product, and their business and employees?

Council needs to lift its narrow sighted head up and take a broader view of long term effects.

Council members are elected to act in the best interest of all in the region not just now but in the future as well.

Donna Woodward,


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