Imbil mountain bike rider Cale Anderson.
Imbil mountain bike rider Cale Anderson.

Anderson pedals to top of mountain

IMBIL mountain bike rider Cale Anderson overcame bad weather, big crashes and hours of travel to be crowned National Mountain Biking Series champion.

The easy-going 30-year-old (pictured) competed in the C grade downhill section of the series and secured his title with consistent riding over the four races.

The first race was in Hobart in December and despite taking a heavy fall, Anderson came home in fifth place.

“I didn’t do as well as I would have liked – I had a crash in my race run,” Anderson said.

“I ended up coming fifth, which wasn’t bad considering the fall.

“In every race I enter I hope for at least a top 10 finish and really push for top five, so to get that was alright.”

Next up in the series for Anderson was the Shepparton leg of the series.

“Shepparton had a very different track – it was quite basic, quite short, but then the obstacles were very difficult. You had to make them or you crashed,” Anderson said.

“I was feeling confident going into the race run, but nerves must have got the better of me and I went over the handlebars.

“It was a pretty heavy fall, but I still managed to get fifth place.”

The next lot of travel for the Imbil rider was down to Thredbo.

“Thredbo is probably my favourite track.

“It's the longest track in Australia, its fast and has lots of technical sections,” Anderson said.

“I didn’t do too badly there.

“Like it always seems to when I race down there, it was raining – there was a foot of mud on the corners of the track.

“It was just a matter of staying upright and I was able to do that and placed third.

“I found out at the end of the race I was leading the series, so it was a very special race for me.”

The last leg of the series was on the weekend just gone at Canberra.

“I was fairly confident about riding the track – it was fast and had some big jumps,” Anderson said.

“I could have done a lot better in my race run, but I was still able to finish second.

“It would have been good to get that elusive gold, but a podium finish was a good finish to the series.”

Anderson said he wouldn’t have been able to get to each race and win the series without the support of family friends.

If Anderson decides to compete in the national series in 2011 he will either go up a grade, to B grade, or compete in the over 30s class.

He is now focussing on the Queensland Titles, which will begin in two months’ time.

Anderson said he is looking for sponsors to help his burgeoning mountain biking career.

Any interested sponsors can contact Anderson on 0416 342 268.

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