Rain fuels lawn grub resurgence

 Lawn grubs.
Lawn grubs.

WHILE they are not in the plague proportions of this time last year, lawn grubs are around after the recent rains.

They are a common problem in South East Queensland during the period from November to May, more so to couch lawns rather than Sir Walter' lawns, they are easily treatable if required, early detection and prevention is the simplest way.

There are two main types of lawn grubs to look out for.Army worm: they are like a caterpillar, usually brown to dull grey, with black stripes on their body, size from 10mm to 30mm long, they are mostly active at night, feeding on the leaf blades of your lawn. They can devastate an entire lawn in two to three nights.

Sod Webworm: these are commonly confused with cut worm, however both are treated the same and look very similar. They are transparent, but you can see the green materials they are eating so they can appear greenish. They are smaller than the army worm in size, about 10mm - 25mm, they are also active at night. The adult moth will lay eggs in flight; hatching should take place in five to seven days time

.Jim Evans from Sauers Produce Garden Centre, said with the heavy rainfalls the region has experienced, lawn grubs were the "biggest problem" facing gardens and that a "suitable insecticide" could be used to get rid of them.

"But you will need to use a better fertiliser to keep the lawn stronger going into winter."

Twelve months ago Gympie experienced a plague of lawn grubs - the armyworm variety - that ate new shoots on yards and sporting ovals and leaving patches of dying grass it their wake.

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