Beach conservation advocate Reg Lawler says a radiation clean-up seems to be underway at Inskip Point.
Beach conservation advocate Reg Lawler says a radiation clean-up seems to be underway at Inskip Point. Submitted

Qld Govt reportedly working on radiation hot spot clean-up

RAINBOW Beach residents and visitors may well have it "made in the shade," but conservation advocate Reg Lawler says the State Government appears to be working to make sure no one gets a tan, or even burns, other than from the sun.

He says an emerging structure at one radiation hot spot, left over from sandmining days, seems to be part of a government program to clean up the area, just north of the Inskip Point beach access road on the northern side of Rainbow Shores.

He says it seems that sandmining years ago concentrated some naturally occurring radioactive sands.

"We don't want people getting a sun tan on both sides at once," Mr Lawler said, in support of the government action yesterday.

Mr Lawler supplied a photograph of early stage structural work which he believes may be the start of work to separate radio active sands for removal.

"But we don't know," he said.

"No one is being critical, but a lot of Rainbow Beach people have noticed the building work and they would like to know what is going on.

"The work has advanced substantially since this picture was taken," he said, adding that the structure had been built on concrete blocks so a strong steel floor could be built at some height above the ground.

"You will notice extensive clearing of large paperbarks and a considerable area of black-breasted button quail habitat has been destroyed.

"You will also notice a plastic lined dam has been constructed.

"I think people would like to know that this sort of impact is necessary to clean the site up," he said.

"The area was bought back by the Goss Government for community purposes.

"It is necessary to remediate the (area)," he said, but claimed a more dangerous area nearby had not been touched.

A government spokeswoman yesterday directed The Gympie Times inquiries to the Mines Department for a response.

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