Alex Byrne with Macca, one of the many animals at Gympie RSPCA in need of a new home.
Alex Byrne with Macca, one of the many animals at Gympie RSPCA in need of a new home. Renee Pilcher

QLD wins RSPCA State of Adoption

IT’S a blatant rip-off but a mighty effort for an important cause.

Queensland animal lovers have won a major victory over New South Wales in the State of Origin contest to see who has the biggest hearts.

It’s the State of Adoption series, which the RSPCA says has proven the kindness and generosity of Queenslanders, who have adopted a winning number of abandoned, lost and otherwise homeless dogs and cats.

While admitting that the concept was “a blatant rip-off” of the State of Origin footy series, the RSPCA says no-one seems to mind.

At Gympie’s animal shelter, the volunteers and full-time animal carers are delighted with the help they have received.

“But don’t forget to mention we still need dry dog food,” animal attendant Alex Byrne said yesterday.

“And we still have animals that need homes,” she said, while cuddling one of them, Macca.

Mirroring the efforts of the mighty Maroons, the mighty caring Queensland populous has helped the Queensland RSPCA to a convincing victory.

“The idea was to see which state RSPCA could re-home the most animals from the start of the first State of Origin game to the last,” a spokesperson said yesterday.

“Fortunately,” he said, “people adopting the animals didn’t seem to mind if they had a bit of the good old Queensland footie mongrel in them.

“We were the underdogs, because Queensland has nine shelters and New South Wales has 12.

“But Queenslanders are used to that and it just stirred them on.”

The people at the RSPCA are hoping it is all a good omen for their next big event, a fundraising cook-up claimed to be “the biggest bake-off in the Southern Hemisphere”. Cupcake Day on August 16 will involve participants selling cakes for the RSPCA.

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