More hospital staff unpaid

QUEENSLAND Health has confirmed seven new workers were not paid at all during this week’s pay run.

Queensland Health’s deputy director general corporate services, Michael Walsh, said those employees were in the Sunshine Coast-Wide Bay Health Service District, which includes Gympie Hospital.

Mr Walsh did not release figures to The Gympie Times on how many staff were underpaid, nor specific details of how many at Gympie Hospital were affected.

“These employees are new starters, casuals and people who had their contracts extended, and whose forms were not processed in time for the pay run processing deadlines,” he said.

Mr Walsh said the employees’ correct pay was deposited into their bank accounts overnight.

“Since the implementation of the new payroll system, Queensland Health’s priority has been to ensure employees who have been underpaid have access to emergency financial assistance,” he said.

He said all districts and divisions had a process in place to provide staff with access to financial assistance either by cash, EFT, cheque or ad hoc payments and were able to arrange personalised appointments with payroll officers, if required.

“Significant work has been undertaken to stabilise the Queensland Health payroll system since it was introduced in March 2010,” he said.

“Queensland Health has also developed a new payroll operating model to encourage closer relationships between health service districts, corporate divisions and their respective payroll hubs. This will improve the level of payroll service provided to employees.

“A personalised service model was implemented during August to improve the level of payroll service provided to Queensland Health employees.”

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