Public servants rally at Parliament House

Public servants vow to fight

QUEENSLAND'S public servants have vowed to fight peacefully but strongly against the State Government's mass job cuts.

About 4000 public sector employees and supporters filled the entrance to Parliament House in Brisbane on Monday night for the Together union rally.

Emotional public servants chanted "Workers united will never be defeated" and held lights in the air as union delegates and leaders of supporting unions spoke about the lack of clarity and consultation from the LNP Government.

Among the crowd were paramedics, fire fighters, child safety workers and teachers.

Together union president Vivienne Doogan told the crowd that thousands of ex-public servants on temporary contracts were struggling to pay their bills.

"Many will have been in the public service for years and years, and should have been permanent, got no notice that they were about to loose their job," she said.

"...Lord knows how they are paying the bills.

"All of us here tonight are calling on (Campbell Newman) to honour the commitments he made during the election.

"The Queensland public relies on the services of all of you (public servants)..."

Stuart Roberts works as a shift supervisor at a youth detention centre in North Queensland.

The Townsville resident has watched the 20 job loses in his area affect his much loved regional community.

"If you have no youth workers with these kids, they will get bored and complacent and I believe they will escalate their crime," he said from the rally.

"The impact on their family life is huge. People are very scared."

In a statement, Owen Doogan from the Rail, Tram and Bus union said Queensland Rail had been asked to find ways to cut costs by 30%.

"That only can occur in significant jobs cut," he stated.

Together union secretary Alex Scott revealed plans to launch 1000 industrial action ballots in the next few weeks in response to the State Government's job purge.

If approved, industrial action will be rolled out in August.

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