Changes were made by users of government computers to say Nazi soldiers were
Changes were made by users of government computers to say Nazi soldiers were "justified" in killing Jews.

Public servants, staffers make offensive Wikipedia changes

GOVERNMENT staffers and public servants appear to have made thousands of changes to public information website Wikipedia, which include attacks on a former Prime Minister, world leaders and describing the Holocaust as "justified".

Fairfax Media reports that one of the most bizarre and offensive changes appear to have been made by someone working from the Department of Defence in May this year.

The Wikipedia page on the Schutzstaffel (Nazi SS) page was edited to say the organisation was "justified" in killing Jews.

The edit also deleted the word "genocide" and reduced the amount of Jews killed from 6 million to just 30.

Wikipedia works by allowing anonymous users to make changes to the page.

By these users can be tracked by their IP address, which can then be traced to government buildings and offices.

Fairfax reports the other changes included:

  • A Defence user writing that "Australian SAS kicked some serious butt."
  • Foreign Affairs and Trade network used to describ the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as being born "to a family of pumpkin farmers".
  • Health network user edited Tony Abbott's page to say he had "chimpanzee ears" whose maternal grandfather "died of shame".

Australian staffers, politicians and public servants are not the first to be caught out making bizarre edits to Wikipedia.

In 2014, British politicians had information about messy divorces added to their Wikipedia entries by staffers. Another had his football skills significantly upgraded.

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