Horse racing.
Horse racing. Sean Teuma

Promotion of gambling is a new low

Letter to the Editor

IN MY view The Gympie Times has sunk to an unprecedented low depth with its trumpeting of its affiliation with bookmakers Ladbrokes.

Twelve pages wasted on what is fundamentally a promotion of the insidious practice of betting on the hugely anachronistic "sport” of horse racing.

I suspect that most of your readers, like me, are not the slightest bit interested in wasting their cash on nags.

Let's face it, the only beneficiary of punting on horseracing is the bookmaker, so you are in fact, encouraging people to give their money to these lowlifes.

You might as well publish a guide to which establishments have the best poker machines for people to lose their money as quickly as possible.

At least operating a poker machine involves some degree of physical activity which would much better qualify it as a "sport” than gambling on horses.

Speaking of horses, (supposedly ecologically friendly) I read some time ago, in Scientific American magazine, that a scientist had calculated that if everyone who had ever driven a motor car (supposedly ecologically unfriendly) had ridden a horse instead, the entire land surface of the Earth would be covered to a depth of 3.6 metres (12 feet) in horse manure.

Please, please, keep up the good work and forget all about Ladbrokes.

Bevan Smithers,

Gympie region

Editor's note: Fair points Bevan, but I would like readers to know that one of the most frequent pieces of feedback I get is about the racing section. When it got reduced to 4 pages, or didn't run, there was an outcry. Partnerships with firms like Ladbrokes mean that sector of our readership get more bang for their buck. Of course, I do encourage punters to gamble responsibly.

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