Privatising power could not be worse than this - letter

Map of the rise in electricity prices around the state.
Map of the rise in electricity prices around the state. Troy Kippen


I WAS against the privatisation of our electricity generators.

Now, our present Queensland government has allowed our public owned electricity managers to screw us taxpayers to make a dollar.

More fool me. I thought our State Government existed to look after us Queensland plebs.

Cameron Cudahy,


Power prices are too high.
Power prices are too high. Vanessa Jarrett


Facts or fables?

I WRITE in response to Dave Freeman's letter titled Lost my Religion and his statement regarding the contents of the Bible - God's word as fables.

To claim the stories, events etc of God's Word are fables indicates the lack of personal study of such events.

I was just recently considering the genealogies that are recorded in both the Old Test and the New.

Matthew and Dr Luke both provide genealogies of Jesus of Nazareth. Both consider the list of names from two different perspectives ie one tracing Mary's line and the other Joseph's.

The old test likewise has what many call boring parts, lists of names they can hardly pronounce, yet these lists provide evidence of the reality of the people involved and also give credence to the events they are involved in.

The bible is very accurate and detailed information is given from Genesis to Revelation regarding the information God would have us know. Historical data is prevalent and again God has a purpose for what is included.

God has recorded history of nations, their boundaries, their battles and their blessings.

God has recorded prophetic statements about world events and the greater percentage of these have been fulfilled literally to the very date and those yet unfulfilled await fulfilment with the same degree of accuracy.

God has recorded the lives of individuals, some who obeyed His Word and their outcome and some who tried to ignore or disobey and their outcome.

God has also recorded through four writers the unique life of an extraordinary man called Jesus of Nazareth. Each of these writers cover the life of Jesus who became known as The Christ, from various aspects.

Matthew writes with the Jewish reader in mind, Mark was written with a Roman readership in mind.

Luke has more of a gentile readership, and John has the world in mind, hence he writes the well known verse "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life”. John uses the word whosoever more than any other writer.

The various miracles recorded of Jesus are not just events in themselves but events that have a very important message to all who are interested.

This letter could continue for there is so much internal evidence that shouts out to the reader this is not a normal book and its contents are remarkable, but above all its message is the revelation of one person Jesus the Christ the Son of the Living God.

Graeme Ellingsen,



'Not propaganda'

THE Camerons accuse me of parroting propaganda from overseas videos when all I'm doing is stating well known facts about the dairy industry (The Gympie Times, July 15)

The Camerons say humans have been drinking animal milk for thousands of years but that doesn't mean we need it or have a right to kill the babies for whom it was intended.

The Camerons are right in saying that vegans would like to see the consumption of milk and meat cease. They'd like to see it cease because of the suffering the meat and dairy industries needlessly inflict on innocent animals.

Jenny Moxham,

Moonbulk, Victoria

Gympie Times

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