Prison detox for drunk trespasser

INTOXICATION was “no excuse” for a young man’s strange and disruptive behaviour recently, but it was the common denominator in all recent trespassing offences which ended up sending him to jail for two weeks.

Cooloola Coast man Ryan James Hammersley was dealt with by the court on Monday for trespassing — the third time this year — after trying to enter random houses in his neighbourhood while in a very drunken state.

His most recent trespassing offence was on September 10 when he turned up to a Cooloola Cove home late at night and tried to get in.

The family, who had been sitting in the living room of their single-story house, told police they were frightened by Hammersley, 27, who tried to open their back door. The man-of the-house scared him off and an “intoxicated” Hammersley was located by police 50 metres down the road. He said he was trying to find the house of a relative.

Then on September 22, a drunken Hammersley approached a young mum and her children at a Tin Can Bay park.

Police said he stroked the woman’s hair and leg and when the family tried to avoid him, Hammersley followed and patted one of the children on the head.

When questioned by police he said he “tried to get with the hot chick in the park”. He was charged with committing a public nuisance.

These offences follow convictions for trespassing and public nuisance in February and March.

Hammersley had been banging on the back door of a random house in Tin Can Bay late at night on February 5 and on March 19 he walked into a private house at Cooloola Cove rented by the army for training exercises. On both occasions, Hammersley was severely affected by alcohol.

When he was dealt with by the court for the February offences he was placed on probation for nine months and for the March offences he was sentenced to one month in jail, suspended for a year. Defence solicitor Chris Anderson told the court his client was sorry for what he did, even though he couldn’t recall the events. He asked Magistrate Maxine Baldwin to release Hammersley on immediate parole if she decided to activate the suspended sentence.

Magistrate Baldwin said Hammersley had run out of chances.

“I don’t know how long it takes to detox but I suspect it’s longer than the two weeks prison I intend to sentence you to,” she said and activated the suspended sentence granting him parole for November 1. Hammersley was also sentenced to three months in prison suspended for two years for the current charges.

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