DUX: Nathan McClintock.
DUX: Nathan McClintock. Renee Albrecht

Principal pays tribute to College achievers

GOOD evening students.

You are here tonight because you want to celebrate the end (almost) of the school year.

It is very appropriate that we celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding effort and results of those students who have made an outstanding commitment to their studies.

You are a multi-talented community of individuals. As individuals, you have achieved academic success, sporting success, highly acclaimed performances of many kinds. Individually you have achieved excellence in your specific endeavours, yet as a community, together you have achieved even greater things than this. It is a privilege to be part of this College and I want to share some of the great things that I see. I see a community of students who care for each other and pray for each other because they have a genuine faith in a living and loving God. I see students who are not afraid to work hard and give their best, because their peers encourage them to be their best, instead of putting them down. I see students having fun at school, smiling, saying hello as I wander by and being respectful men and women. The highlight of my year was this week's Chapel, led by our amazing Year 12 students. It was such a joy to see our students praising God together lead by our wonderful Year 12 worship leaders. And Annie Collins, your rap may just have been the highlight within the highlight for me, well done! Thank you to all of the students from Year 7 to Year 12, together you are creating such a strong, positive, Christian culture that I have not seen at any other school I have been a part of.

Good evening parents: You are here tonight because you too want to celebrate the end of the school year, and to celebrate with us the achievements of your children. Unfortunately, there is no presentation night where we award parents for all that they have done. Instead, please let me acknowledge you all. For outstanding achievement in taxi driving, assignment helping, curfew keeping, boundary making, rule enforcing, character building, and unimaginable patience, the award for Excellence in Parenting goes to all of you. It is not easy being a parent of teenagers and we thank you for your commitment and partnership with us to raise your children together.

Good evening pastors: You are here tonight because this college is built on a firm foundation, that is our faith in God. You are an essential part of this community of believers and your commitment to our staff and each student's eternal future is greatly appreciated. Whether you are praying for our students or teachers, whether you are speaking in chapel or speaking quietly with our staff, when you are personally meeting with and encouraging me, we know that whatever you do, whether in word or deed, you are doing it all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Thank you for your ongoing support and prayer.

Good evening board members: You are here tonight because you have made a commitment to ensure that this College will always be built on and centred on Jesus, to ensure that everything that we say or do is for the Glory of God. Thank you for all that you do to support and lead the College and help us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith.

Good evening special guests: Our State MP Tony Perret and his wife Michelle, our Deputy Mayor Councillor Bob Leitch, and our USC Gympie Campus Coordinator Angeline Medland. Welcome. You are here tonight because you have a heart for your community and you encourage us to partner with you to build something special in Gympie. Your support at all levels is essential for the success or our College and the success of our community. Your ongoing commitment to education, aspiration and career opportunities for young people means that our graduates have all they need to be positive, successful contributors to the wider community. I hope that one of our 2016 Year 12 graduates might have the opportunity to work with you or for you in the future, as you build a legacy for Gympie. Thank you again for everything that you do as you represent this great little town of Gympie.

Good evening teachers: You are here because you are the primary reason that we can celebrate the achievements of our students. You have put in hours upon hours of preparing lessons, teaching lessons, marking assessments, giving feedback and encouragement, following up homework and using your teacher voice when required. But teaching is so much more than that, you are also the counsellor, support person, prayer partner, first aid officer, and a thousand other jobs that you may not have been aware of when you signed up to become a teacher. You have put your heart into teaching and you have moved into the heart of your students. The young men and women who progress through CCC and graduate each year are a testimony of what you have given to each one of them. They are a beautiful product of your years of craftsmanship, on behalf of the parents we say thank you for everything you do. Good evening to anyone I have missed. Our wonderful admin staff, business office staff, groundskeepers, cleaners, tuckshop workers, instrumental instructors, members of the P&F and other parent volunteers and supporters within our community. You are here tonight because you are part of our community. We are together here tonight because we have a shared purpose, and that is to raise the next generation of young men and women. A generation that will have a positive and lasting influence on this great city of Gympie and beyond.

Finally, good evening and thank you God our Father: You are here tonight because you are a part of everything that we do. Without you nothing is possible, yet through you all things are possible. Thank you for being with us throughout the year and helping us all to walk in the good works that you have prepared in advance for us to walk in.

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