Jessica Grewal

Prince Charles 'stop mocking me NZ'

PRINCE Charles might not get the royal treatment when he jets into New Zealand in November.

The next in line to the throne flies into the country with his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, for a short trip.

But hopes of a warm welcome from Kiwis might be dashed after the embarrassing release of a letter he wrote while visiting New Zealand in 1981.

The letter, which he penned in Christchurch, highlighted his frustrations at jibes directed his way from New Zealanders about an earlier fall from a horse while playing polo in Australia.

"Kindless, fallacious remarks and references about falling off horses are beginning to get through to me," he wrote.

"It seems as though it's the main thing they know about me out here! It all increases my determination to make them laugh out the other side of their faces one day."

Charles also described his frustrations at some of his royal duties on tour.

In the inflammatory letter he took aim at Kiwi school kids. "The real problem is keeping up my enthusiasm on each new day because I'm beginning to get fed up with the amount of nonsensical rubbish I take all day and every day!

"If one more New Zealand child asks me what it's like to be a prince I shall go demented."

Charles' 1981 tour lasted two weeks. The letter which shows an unflattering side of Charles was sent to a friend.

Earlier this month another handwritten letter from the Prince of Wales sent to a former girlfriend in 1980 before he married Princess Diana was put up for auction in the US. It highlighted his fears of future divorce.

"I do hope you have recovered from the traumatic business of marriage and divorce in such a short time.

Starting a family and making a mistake like that is frankly, something which concerns me enormously."

He also wrote in the seven-page letter: "I shall just have to get married as soon as possible and then all these people might relax a little!

"I still think my solution of marrying a girl from each Commonwealth country is the best one."

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