Pregnant woman in jail

PREGNANT and in handcuffs, Nicole Pratt appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court dock yesterday after she was arrested last week on a warrant for charges of stealing and failing to dispose of syringes.

The court heard Pratt, 27, had never been employed, had a long-term dependency on drugs, suffered a number of abusive relationships and been in and out of jail in the past decade.

Her lawyer Travis George told the court Pratt had struck a deal to go and live with her mother.

“(Pratt) has struck a deal with her mother that she not use any heavy drugs while she is pregnant and her mother will support her,” he said in an effort to reduce an imminent jail term on his client.

The court heard Pratt had a suspended sentence extended on November 3 last year when she faced a charge of receiving stolen goods.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin did that instead of placing her on probation because Pratt was moving to New South Wales to stay out of trouble.

Three days later on November 6, Pratt’s distinctive tattoo on her neck gave her away when she stole two tops worth $200 each from Foxy Lady in Gympie. The court heard Pratt also took a dress, but threw it at the sales woman when she made a run for it.

“I thought you were going to NSW? You certainly didn’t get away quick enough before you committed another offence,” Mrs Baldwin said.

The court heard Pratt was in trouble with Gympie Police again on January 14, after her car was pulled over and she was seen removing a pocket knife from the centre console and place it in her handbag.

When officers searched her bag, they found two used syringes lying in the bottom of it.

“You have reached the point of no return. I told you last time if you committed another offence you would spend time in jail,” Mrs Baldwin said.

Nicole Elisabeth Pratt was sentenced to two months in jail to be followed by probation for two years for the stealing charge.

For failing to dispose of the syringes, the time served in custody was declared punishment and her suspended sentence was extended by another six months.

“The next two years is vital for you and your child. If you slip up you will be away from your baby for a long time,” Mrs Baldwin said.

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