Teen spared jail term for stabbing

A PREGNANT teen who stabbed her former partner last year during an argument was spared jail yesterday, days before her 18th birthday.

Jennifer Anne Allen, right, received a wholly suspended sentence of two years’ imprisonment after she pleaded guilty to unlawfully wounding and assaulting her former partner in Bucasia on June 10.

The Mackay District Court heard Allen, who turns 18 tomorrow, repeatedly punched her former partner and when he struck her on the forehead she picked up a paring knife from a coffee table and used it to stab him in the chest.

The victim, who was then 18, observed a large amount of blood coming from his chest and his housemate, who witnessed the stabbing, called Triple 0, Mr Winlaw said.

Meanwhile, Allen called her mother to seek advice on how to treat her then partner’s wound.

It was a 2.5cm horizontal wound below the right nipple.

Her former partner was transported to Mackay Base Hospital and kept overnight for observation.

The court heard the argument between the pair started when Allen, who had been in foster care since 14, became upset by her then partner making a comment to her along the lines of “no wonder your parents didn’t want you”.

Mr Winlaw said during an interview with police, Allen admitted to hitting her then partner first.

He backhanded Allen in an attempt to stop her but struck her in the forehead.

At the time of the offence, Allen had not been taking her prescription medication and she told police this made her short-tempered and moody.

Mr Winlaw said the complainant suffered discomfort and pain for a short time after he was stabbed.

He has since undergone counselling, been put on anti-depressants and has developed a distrust of women.

He reportedly gets anxious when he sees a woman with a knife, even if it’s in a kitchen.

Barrister Bronwyn Hartigan, instructed by Legal Aid Queensland, said Allen had been in foster care since she was 14 and the argument started when her then partner made the comment “no wonder your parents didn’t want you”.

Ms Hartigan said this put Allen in a rage and the stab wound was inflicted spontaneously.

She said Allen rang her mother to get advice as to how to treat the wound and immediately after threw herself on a bed and cried – actions which showed remorse.

Ms Hartigan said Allen had turned her life around since leaving what was a “violent relationship”.

She is now four-months pregnant to her current partner.

Judge Grant Britton said the relationship between Allen and her former partner was a violent one, with police called to a number of domestic incidents.

Mr Britton said he accepted Allen showed immediate remorse following the stabbing and had co-operated fully with police. Allen’s two-year prison remains operational for two years.

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