Arthur Gorrie
Arthur Gorrie Arthur Gorrie

Power struggle: time to fix fatal flaws

THE price of electricity is the big political, economic and environmental issue of our times. And it needs to be.

The nation's energy supply system is broken so badly that if something does not give, many regional Queenslanders will soon find they cannot afford to turn the lights on.

We are victims of a crazy ideology that takes a vital service like electricity from accountable government monopolies that worked and gives it to unaccountable government-owned corporate monopolies that don't.

Power prices are the political outrage of our times, facing us with possible third world conditions even as soon as next year.

And much of it is because of a ridiculous ideology that calls these unaccountable monopolies a competitive market, where prices are set by a government commission which claims to be enforcing competition.

It is all too stupid and, dare I say it, it worked better 50 years ago.

If your car suddenly cost you twice as much to run and became twice as prone to breaking down, you would probably get it fixed or get rid of it.

But with electricity systems, state and federal leaders desperately tinker by the roadside with broken down policies that should have gone to the wreckers years ago.

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