61yo woman used marijuana for pain

A MATURE-aged woman who grew cannabis plants for medicinal purposes was told she was one of many who ended up in trouble with the law for using the drug as an alternate therapy.

Fay Francis Pavlic-Sahin, 61, was in Gympie Magistrates Court this week on charges of production and possession of cannabis and for possessing two pipes used to smoke it.

Her lawyer, John Joyce, said she tried growing the drug after many years of suffering from chronic back pain. He said of the four plants found in her backyard, two were of very poor condition, according to the investigating officer.

“My client has never been in trouble with police (before this). There is no risk of her re-offending because there has been a treatment change and she is now on morphine patches for the pain.”

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin was sympathetic to Pavlic-Sahin's situation.

“You're one of many who come before the court for using cannabis to relieve chronic back pain – it leads people to do anything,” she said, and told the court it was Pavlic-Sahin's first brush with the law.

Pavlic-Sahin, of Geordie Street, Monkland, was placed on a good behaviour bond for 12 months.

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