UPDATE 4.30PM: OUTSIDE court this morning RSPCA senior inspector prosecutions Georgia Sakzrewski said she had hoped greyhound trainer Tom Noble would have been required to serve actual time for his crimes.

"It was a sentence that I was perhaps expecting but I was certainty hoping that Mr Noble would be required to serve some degree of prison time," she said.

"This serious animal cruelty legislation was introduced with these exact type of offences in mind.

"The maximum penalty for that legislation is seven years imprisonment.

I cannot think of too many scenarios that involved such significant cruelty to animals over such an extended period of time therefore we were hoping Mr Noble would receive a significant sentence."

RSPCA senior inspector prosecutions Georgia Sakzrewski
RSPCA senior inspector prosecutions Georgia Sakzrewski Emma Clarke

UPDATE 12.40PM: ANIMAL activist groups say greyhound trainer Tom Noble's suspended sentence for his "barbaric" crimes fails community expectations.

"We are extremely disappointed to see Tom Noble walk free for such barbaric acts of serious animal cruelty," Animal Liberation Qld president Chay Neal said.

"This penalty completely fails community expectations. For one of the worst of the worst to be convicted of serious animal cruelty, and get off with a slap on the wrist is a real disappointment for anyone committed to fighting animal cruelty.

"While the courts and prosecutors are slowly starting to take animal cruelty more seriously, we still have a long way to go.

"We do not believe this penalty gives an adequate deterrent to other greyhound trainers and we renew our call for the Queensland Government to ban greyhound racing.

"Banning the industry is the only way we can ensure trainers do not continue to use rabbits, piglets, possums, and kittens in cruel live baiting."

EARLIER: IPSWICH greyhound trainer Tom Noble has escaped jail time after pleading guilty to 15 counts of serious animal cruelty arising from the notorious live baiting scandal. 

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren this morning sentenced Noble to three years imprisonment, but the term was wholly suspended. 

It means the disgraced trainer won't spend actual time behind bars.

Judge Horneman-Wren said the sentence he had handed down reflected "public denunciation" and the fact Noble is elderly.  

"These charges came from the somewhat notorious (evidence)," Judge Horneman-Wren said. 

"You are a well known trainer in the greyhound industry and have enjoyed considerable success. 

"The destruction of the animal is appalling, it is evident much of the torso is removed. 

"It's not just the attack, or the chasing that constitutes the cruelty, it's the attaching to the lure with the physical and audible distress (of the animal) and of being hurled around the track...  

"It was you who operated the lure arm on each occasion." 

Queensland greyhound trainer Tom Noble
Queensland greyhound trainer Tom Noble David Nielsen

Judge Horneman-Wren said Noble's guilty plea came after the same video evidence was  thrown out of court in a co-accused's case only days before Noble's sentencing. 

He said deterrence was not a strong contributing factor as the circumstances for Nobel to re-offend had been removed. 

Noble has been banned from  greyhound training, unable to own and train dogs and unable to interact with greyhound trainer licence holders. 

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