Poll results firming up

PREFERENCE votes, especially in Division 4, remain the only continuing source of uncertainty about last weekend's Gympie Regional Council election result.

A final count now awaits only the counting of outstanding postal votes on Tuesday evening.

Mayor-elect Ron Dyne was comfortable on 10,411 votes yesterday, with nearest rival Mick Venardos, on 7741 votes, conceding defeat.

George Groth polled 4965 and Snow Meredith 1912.

Top-scoring divisional councillor-elect is Tony Perrett, declared Division 6 winner, with 2221 votes.

With 69.3% of the vote he is the most popular councillor, as he was last time, when he also topped the poll under a different electoral system.

His only opponent, Brian Thomas, scored 984 votes.

The only other declared winner is Ian Petersen in Division 3, with 1575 votes, or 57.76% of the vote.

Mark McDonald finished the week with a comfortable but still unfinalised vote of 1380, making him almost unbeatable in Division 1, with 41.72%.

Rae Gate clearly won in Division 2 with 1636 votes, or 53.89%.

Larry Friske in Division 5 has 1548 votes or 51.88%.

Mick Curran is almost home in Division 7 with 1416 votes, or 42.61%.

And Julie Walker on 1450 votes (49.14%) is the winner in Division 8.

Wayne Sachs looks good in Division 4, with 736 votes (24.25%).

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