WATCH: Woman stripped and bashed by police


A WOMAN was sprayed with capsicum spray, stripped and left lying on the floor of a cell in a Ballarat Police Station for hours, Victoria's Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission has heard. 

And now IBACC has released footage of the incident to the public. 

Yesterday Counsel assisting the inquiry, Jack Rush QC told the Commission of the ordeal endured by the woman.

"At approximately 11pm on January 14, 2015, (the woman) was arrested in Ballarat for being drunk in a public place," transcripts from the hearing show Mr Rush said.

"(The) person was 51 years of age and prior to being arrested by police had been taken into the home of a concerned person who arranged for police to attend.

"Evidence indicates at the time (the woman) was spoken to by police, an ambulance was called and attempts were made to admit her to the Ballarat Hospital for medical examination.

"(She) refused.

"Ambulance officers reported her mood as agitated. She was affected by alcohol.

"Police reported her behaviour as aggressive, abusive, and continually resisting arrest. 

"(She) was eventually handcuffed and conveyed to Ballarat Police Station."

Once there she was placed in a cell and detained for about 16 hours. 



The drinking fountain in her cell was not working and as such the woman eventually had to drink water from the toilet, Mr Rush said.



At one point the woman was allowed to exit her cell and Mr Rush told the Commission once out she grabbed the lanyard from the neck of the senior officer on duty. 

When that officer came back to the cell to retrieve her pass a scuffle ensued and the woman was sprayed with capsicum spray by two female police officers.

However, the two female officers were unable to take back the lanyard and as such they called for backup. 

"Other police then attended to assist and it's after their attendance at the police station that (the woman) was located in that room, restrained, dragged back to her cell and handcuffed with her hands behind her back," Mr Rush said.



"As we will see, lying prostate on her stomach and searched by having her pants pulled down from her so that she was left only wearing a T-shirt, bra and panties.

"Those panties were at one stage positioned between her bottom and her knees and all this occurring in the presence of male officers, whilst lying prostrate on the ground covered with OC spray around her facial area.

"She was kicked, stomped and stood upon."



Later the woman was placed handcuffed in a shower - which the Commission heard only worsened her pain.

"Warm water in combination with OC spray has the effect of magnifying its effects," Mr Rush told the Commision.

"She was in the shower for approximately 20 minutes, then was wrapped in a large blanket or towel and taken by police to Ballarat Base Hospital."



After she was examined the woman was driven back the station and returned to he cells - where she was left without pants. 

The Commission heard the temperature was 11 degrees in Ballarat that night and the clothes the woman was wearing were the same ones she'd had on in the shower. 

"(The woman) has been charged with offences arising out of the circumstances of 14 and 15 January, no charges have been laid against police," Mr Rush said. 

The Commission is looking into why officers serving at Ballarat Police Station have had twice as many complaints made about them as officer at a station of a similar size. 

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