A YOUTUBE video has been released by police as part of their investigations into the death of a man whose headless torso was found along Cedar Pocket Rd on September 19.

The video is a digital recreation and shows the location of identifiable marks found on the man's torso, which police say are scars and marks from the possible administration of vaccines.

The online clip is another bid by police to identify the man, believed to be aged between 25 and 50, 180-190cm tall and of a large or solid build.

He had two small circular scars on his right upper arm and one on his left upper arm, all of which police say are possible vaccination marks.

The man also had a 3cm scar on the right side of his back from a previous injury or surgical procedure. He was wearing a size 2XL shirt.

It has also been established the man had in his system the medications quinine, commonly used to treat cramp, restless leg syndrome and malaria, and irbesartan, possibly from a prescription medication such as Avapro.

Irbesartan is used to treat high blood pressure or hypertension.

The video comes after police released images of a towel located at the scene and the description of a woman and her car, who had been seen at the location the body was found.

Detective Inspector Damien Hansen of the Homicide Investigation Group said the man remained unidentified despite police engaging in "extensive inquiries in an effort to help identify the man".

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