A Mackay police officer has used a Taser to restrain a 23-year-old woman.
A Mackay police officer has used a Taser to restrain a 23-year-old woman. AAP

Police use Taser to restrain women

A MACKAY police officer used a Taser to restrain a 23-year-old woman who allegedly threatened officers with a 30cm kitchen knife on Monday night.

The incident, which occurred at the back of the Bel Air Motel on Nebo Road, close to Shakespeare Street, followed two hours of negotiations, police said.

A Queensland Police Service spokesperson said officers went to the motel after receiving a report of stealing shortly after 11pm.

Two women were located within the grounds of the motel and one was arrested without incident, he said.

“The other woman allegedly became aggressive towards police while threatening officers with a knife,” the spokesperson said.

“Police attempted to negotiate with the woman, however, she allegedly continued to threaten officers and act in a violent and aggressive manner.”

Mackay district Superintendent Rowan Bond said two police negotiators and the dog squad were among officers called into action after a woman made threats while armed with a knife.

Officers secured the site so no-one could enter the premises and be harmed during the incident, he said.

“Negotiations continued until about one o'clock in the morning, when the person threatened police with a knife and was tasered,” Supt Bond said.

“Police negotiated with her for the best part of two hours and she made clear threats to the safety of the officers.”

Superintendent Bond said police issued a verbal warning before a male officer deployed the Taser.

The woman was then restrained and taken to Mackay Base Hospital by the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Superintendent Bond said neither of the women had been charged.

The woman who was tasered remained at Mackay Base Hospital, where she was being assessed before being interviewed by police, he said.

The other woman was spoken to and released without charge, he said.

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