JESSIE-MAY Sutton remembers all too well the moment her baby daughter Holly stopped breathing.

“We were just feeding her and all of a sudden she started throwing up,” Miss Sutton said.

“It was extremely scary, she just went blue and was gone for about five minutes.

“I knew CPR, but I just froze and forgot what to do.”

It was 9pm on September 25 when a distraught Miss Sutton called triple-0 and began speaking to Police Communications Centre operator Andrew Heinrich, who helped the 20-year-old save her daughter’s life.

Miss Sutton and a sleeping Holly came face to face with their saviour for the first time yesterday at Yamanto police station.

“He’s a hero, he bought Holly back to us,” the Flinders View resident said of Mr Heinrich.

“Holly was 16 weeks premature and spent the first three-and-a- half months of her life in hospital.

“She’d only been out of hospital and home with us for three weeks when this happened.”

A relaxed Mr Heinrich, 23, downplayed his role in the ordeal.

“I’m a trained emergency operator,” he said.

“I’m trained to deal with emergency situations and in cases like that the training takes over.

“I managed to get (Jessie-May) calm and she managed to tell me the baby wasn’t breathing.

“I helped her check Holly’s airways, support the child and perform CPR.

“I’ve had calls for cardiac arrest situations before, but this is the first time I’ve given CPR instructions and the patient has actually made it.”

Ipswich Police Communications Centre Officer in Charge Acting Inspector Gareth James praised Miss Sutton and Mr Heinrich for their composure and confidence.

“I’ve listened to the tape of the call and it was very intense with a lot of emotion,” he said.

“Andrew acted in a very professional manner and I’ve got no doubt his actions contributed to saving the life of the baby.

“The mother also has to be recognised for the way in which she handled the situation in very traumatic circumstances.”

Insp James said the communications centre received more than 50 calls a day.

“This is just one example of the good work that is done here on a daily basis,” he said.

“It’s a call that fortunately had a very good result.”

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