Police investigate an incident in Walker St, Maryborough.
Police investigate an incident in Walker St, Maryborough. Carlie Walker

UPDATE: Patients fear thugs might affect home doctor service

UPDATE: Patients and residents who rely on House Call Doctor for urgent, after-hours home visits
fear losing the vital medical service after an attack on a doctor in Maryborough.

In a low-life attack on Monday night, a group of male youths robbed a doctor from HouseCall Doctor, stealing his medical kit.

The kit didn't contain Schedule 8 narcotics such as morphine, but rather basic medical supplies and diagnostic equipment that could potentially help save a life.

The House Call Doctor service manager Craig Glover condemned the attack as "disgraceful" while community members are voicing their outrage on social media, fearful of anything that could put after-hours house calls in jeopardy.

Sarah Parson wrote: "People like them make it bad for everyone else who need there service".

"That is disgusting behaviour. We should be grateful that this service is available and people not
blocking up the ED at the local hospital. Hopefully the future of the service is not affected by
this," Jason Sladok said on Facebook.

Margaret Elliot Willis commented: "So pray the Dr can keep working. We need him".

Mr Glover, said the first priority was the safety of the doctor and chaperone and thankfully neither was injured.
"Both the Doctor and chaperone are back at work doing what doctors and people in our industry do - helping people who need them. "

Mr Glover said the groundswell of pubic support showed how much the community needed and valued the service.

"It shows us and the Government that this is public health policy that works. We are giving
people an alternative to the emergency department when they need urgent care after
hours and we are supporting local GPs by making sure there is a doctor who can treat their
patient after-hours, 365 days of the year and give them a full report the next day."

More on the House Call Doctor here.

UPDATE: An arrest is yet to be made after four youths attacked an on-call doctor in Maryborough on Monday night.

Police are continuing to search for the young males, who stole the doctor's medical kit.

A spokesman from Queensland Police Media said police were continuing to investigate.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

EARLIER: Police are searching for four male youths who stole a medical kit from an on-call doctor on Monday night.

The youths approached a man as he left an address on Tooley Street, Maryborough, at about 7.50pm..

They intimidated the man before they kicked the kit out of his hands.

The man ran to his vehicle which was parked a short distance away.

The youths have taken the kit and walked away.

The on-call doctor and his driver followed the youths in the vehicle for a short distance. The doctor exited the car and approached asking for the return of the medical kit.

The youths refused and kicked the car before fleeing along Tooley Street.

The medical kit is described as looking similar to a fishing tackle box, light and dark blue in colour and may have the writing 'house call doctor' on it.

The kit contained a number of medication that if used incorrectly or without supervision could be harmful or potentially life threatening.

The doctor did not sustain any physical injuries.

Investigations continue.

Police urge anyone who may have any information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

MONDAY NIGHT: POLICE crews are outside a block of units on the corner of Walker St in Maryborough.

The home doctor service vehicle was parked out the front of the units and a policewoman appeared to be taking photos and dusting for fingerprints on the car.

Police arrived at the scene about 8.30pm.

The nature of the incident is unclear, but police were knocking on the doors of the units.

Patrols appeared to be searching nearby streets.

A Queensland Police Media spokesman confirmed there had been a noise complaint at the location earlier in the evening, but said it was unclear if anything else had happened,

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