Police investigate flood sign theft

FOLLOWING Gympie mum Lisa Steller's claims flooded road signs were stolen from Noosa Rd, when she drove into floodwater two Sundays ago, the Gympie Council said the signs were removed illegally.

Deputy Mayor Tony Perrett said police were investigating.

"Flood signs were erected in the early hours of Saturday, January 28," he said.

That meant the signs were there the day before Mrs Steller drove along the road.

Cr Perrett said the council placed a road closed sign, water over road sign, a barrier board and a no entry sign on both sides of Noosa Rd, ahead of where it flooded.

But Mrs Steller, who was taking her husband to the airport at 4am on Sunday, January 29 said there were no signs to warn her of the road being closed or water ahead.

She said the water, at that time of the morning when it was dark, just looked like road. She stepped on her station wagon's brakes but the car aquaplaned into the water.

What followed was a terrifying ordeal, where Mrs Steller's family tried to escape the vehicle before it was swept away in the fast-moving flood water.

Cr Perrett said the council had provided a report to the police, who were "investigating the whole matter".

He said more signs were placed at Noosa Rd after police rang saying the signs were missing about 5.30am on Sunday morning, after they were called to Mrs Steller's aid.

"We did everything we could," Cr Perrett said.

Earlier this week, Mrs Steller said her two sons (aged 14 and five)were able to get onto the roof of the car and she and her husband were able to walk out of the waist deep water surrounding the flooded car, to a dry patch of road, before the vehicle was swept away.

She said the family members were scared for their lives.

She thanked homeowners, who came to their aid and called emergency services.

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