Police allege shot fired as woman fled husband

A WOMAN fleeing her husband in an argument alleges that he fired a shot into the ground.

She heard the bang, looked back and claims to have seen him holding a rifle in one arm and a child in the other.

When the man made a bail application at Ipswich Magistrates Court on Monday, it was not alleged he had aimed the shot at her.

The 34-year-old Lockyer Valley man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared from the police watch house via-videolink, charged with unlawful use of an offensive weapon on November 27; unlawful possession of explosives (ammunition); unlawful possession of firearms; and dangerous conduct with a weapon.

Police opposed bail, with prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell saying more than 60 rounds of ammunition and two unregistered firearms were found at the man's house.

Sgt Caldwell said police would allege he fired a shot into the ground.

He said it was the fourth time police had been called to the house.

Defence lawyer Leah Scott said the man instructed that he did not fire any shots at the woman.

Ms Scott said there was no indication that the child was with him at the time, and that her client claimed the child was in the house.

If granted bail, he would agree to have no contact with the woman and not have any weapons.

Magistrate David Shepherd said it was being alleged his conduct had deteriorated following a family tragedy in late 2019.

Mr Shepherd said he was concerned by the man's apparent ability to access firearms when he was unlicensed, and that one firearm was a .303 rifle.

Mr Shepherd said the allegation was that the woman had reached the front gate when she heard a shot fired.

Other people also claimed to have heard a gunshot.

The man was unlicensed and when police arrived he showed officers where firearms and ammunition were kept.

Mr Shepherd said the matter raised serious concerns, although it was not being alleged he fired a shot at anybody.

Bail was refused and the case was adjourned to December 14.

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