Picture imperfect causes outrage

QUEENSLAND volunteer firefighters are outraged over a photo of a New South Wales firefighter used on a State Government department flier promoting Queensland cancer compensation changes.

The flier, which provides some information on the government's Worker's Compensation amendments, was sent out to 36,000 unpaid firies on Friday by a Queensland Fire and Emergency Service staffer.

The Word document featured a picture of a NSW volunteer firefighter in the top left-hand corner.

Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland general manager Justin Choveaux said the photo showed the government was out of touch with regional and rural brigades.

"It's disappointing that the government cannot take the time to ensure that the photo that they have used to state their support for Queensland volunteer firefighters is actually of a Queenslander," Mr Choveaux said.

"NSW is different to Queensland yet similar to all other states and territories where volunteer firefighters are supported with fully maintained vehicles that are housed in fully maintained fire stations.

"This level of government support is something that volunteer firefighters in Queensland do not receive.

"In Queensland, volunteers need to raise funds to maintain and repair fire engines, put fuel in the fire trucks and need to raise money to build their fire stations as well as giving their time to train and respond to disasters that affect their community."

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