Phone votes for the blind

TELEPHONE voting, available in 126 locations across Australia, has ensured vision impaired voters can have their say at a secret ballot from now until the end of voting on election day.

An Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) spokesperson said the service had been operating since August 4 at AEC divisional offices and other selected locations.

“Voters using this service will have their name marked off and then will cast their vote in private with the AEC call centre, where a trained voting assistant will take their vote,” the spokesperson said.

“It will take around 11 minutes, on average, to make a secret telephone vote,” the spokesperson said.

Details about how this voting will work, including opening hours and the closest location offering telephone voting is available at the AEC or on 13 23 26.

“When having your vote, AEC officials and call centre voting assistants won’t be able to provide any background information about the candidates or political parties.

“So voters will need to make sure that they have all the information they think they will need to make their vote beforehand.

Essential election information, including the Your Official Guide to the 2010 Federal Election will also be available in a range of formats.


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