Peter Slipper.
Peter Slipper.

Peter Slipper racks up more travel

DISGRACED Sunshine Coast MP Peter Slipper has been at it again, racking up tens of thousands of dollars in family travel expenses.

Mr Slipper, who came under fire over a 43-day trip to Europe, spent more than $30,000 in family travel last year, according to documents tabled in Parliament.

The Liberal MP and Deputy Speaker is already under investigation after the Sunshine Coast Daily lodged an official request for a probe on behalf of taxpayers.

The documents show Mr Slipper has continued to spend hundreds of dollars on Comcar and taxi costs during trips to Canberra, even when it is not sitting.

Mr Slipper claimed $10,570.34 for private car expenses compared to Alex Somlyay in Fairfax who presented a bill for only $374.40.

  Mr Slipper's Commonwealth Car bill was $4440.75 (Somlyay $1096.62); hire car, $7579.15 ($3721.40); Cab charge, $8,552.32 ($1914.42) and telecommunications $11,884.90 compared with Mr Somlyay's $5754.78.

 He also ran up a bill for $18,806.10 in airfares for his family as well as $120 for Comcars and $1754.53 in hire car fares to transport them around.

Mr Slipper reportedly toured a New Zealand wine region last year where he had a brief meeting with the local mayor and CEO.

 He also almost $800 on limousine trips in just six days last October to take him from his Buderim home to the Brisbane airport.

Don't miss tomorrow's Sunshine Coast Daily for our detailed report into how Peter Slippper's expenses compare with other Coast MPs and government ministers.

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