Close-up of four medical marijuana prescription containers.
Close-up of four medical marijuana prescription containers. Lumineux_Images

Perrett welcomes medicinal cannabis law change

GYMPIE MP Tony Perrett has welcomed the addition of medicinal cannabis to the arsenal of pain relief available to Queenslanders but cautioned that its use will be strictly monitored.

The Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2016 was unanimously supported in the Parliament on Wednesday night.

"It will ensure that Queenslanders with treatment-resistant conditions have access to the medication they need,” Mr Perrett said.

"It is important that we understand that the changes passed by the Parliament are for strictly medicinal or scientific purposes.

"It is not about allowing people to grow their own cannabis, even for therapeutic purposes.

"This is about making available medical cannabis to approved patients in certain circumstances but with firm safeguards.

"It will join drugs such as morphine, ketamine, cocaine and amphetamine which are used in medicines but are illegal to use recreationally.

"Earlier this year the Commonwealth government amended legislation to allow some cannabis derivatives to be re-categorised from a schedule 9 (S9) to a schedule 8 (S8) when used for medical purposes.

"A strong and robust process needs to be always followed to ensure that such goods and substances are used in a controlled and stringent way.

"It is especially for those in the S8 category and, as is currently the case for these products, the S9 category.

"There are now 28 new offences which provides the power to cancel, suspend, vary or impose conditions on an approval and appoints authorised persons to investigate, monitor and enforce compliance.

"The 28 new offences include performing a regulated activity with medicinal cannabis without authorisation and misusing a lawful direction for the use of medicinal cannabis.

"These offences can carry maximum penalties between 100 penalty units, or $12,191, and 750 penalty units, or $91,425.”


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