Tony Perrett.
Tony Perrett.

Perrett sets the record straight

IT'S YET another case of buyer beware when it comes to purchasing land when the road leading to the property is on the council's unmaintained roads register.

Deputy Mayor Tony Perrett said a gazetted road was one that could be accessed legally by anyone and that a gazetted road could fall in to two categories - maintained and unmaintained.

"Far too often a potential buyer does not do due diligence," he said.

"People want to reside and build a home and they come to council to build a road - a road for which ratepayers would have to pay.

"What people need to do is ask if the road is on council's maintained or unmaintained roads list.

"People have to think of the access and weigh up whether the land is cheap because it does not have access."

Cr Perrett said some people chose to upgrade the road to council standard and that road then went on council's maintained list.

"Where someone wants to do that, council does make a contribution, but the major cost is borne by the property owner."

Cr Perrett's comments come after a few ratepayers contacted The Gympie Times about the state of a road which needed repairs after the recent rain.

The road in question is on council's maintained list, but only up to a certain point and then it becomes an unmaintained road.

Council did place a sign at that point advising the road was unmaintained, but it is believed that sign was washed away after heavy rain.

Cr Perrett said there were signs through the region to advise that roads were 4X4 only, but "people have a habit of removing signs".

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