Pensioner, 50, faces charge of grievous bodily harm

THE victim of a brutal bashing at Tamaree on Saturday was in an induced coma in a Brisbane hospital yesterday as his alleged attacker fronted Gympie Magistrates Court.

Domenic Montagnese, 50, was granted bail and requested a brief of evidence for a charge of grievous bodily harm.

It is alleged the 34-year-old victim arrived at Mr Montagnese's Cloey Rd home on Saturday around 6.30pm when an altercation broke out.

The victim was allegedly struck with a shovel handle, and later taken to hospital with a depressed skull fracture, that caused bleeding to the brain, fractured ribs, a smashed knee and two broken arms.

The court heard the man's head required surgery but he could not be operated on until the bleeding to the brain had ceased. He remained sedated in the intensive care unit of the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital yesterday.

In court yesterday, self defence was mentioned to explain Mr Montagnese's alleged actions; however police prosecutor Lisa Manns said the extent of the victim's injuries went beyond those inflicted in an action of self defence.

Duty lawyer Leanne Gordon said the victim allegedly arrived "unannounced and uninvited" to Mr Montagnese's home.

"The full circumstances of this incident need to be expanded," she said.

The court heard the victim had wanted to talk to Mr Montagnese about an upcoming grievous bodily harm trial in the District Court for which Mr Montagnese was a witness for the prosecution.

Mr Montagnese had allegedly been threatened by people in relation to the matter, it heard.

Sgt Manns said Mr Montagnese, a pensioner, was "quite fearful" of the victim but described the injuries inflicted upon him as "extreme".

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said the point was one to be considered at trial rather than yesterday's bail hearing.

Mr Montagnese's defence argued if he was denied bail he could spend unnecessary time in jail while he waited to face Gympie District Court in August.

After taking Mr Montagnese's circumstances, and those of the alleged assault into account, Mrs Baldwin said she considered his risk of re-offending, fleeing or interfering with witnesses to be low, and granted him bail.

He will face a charge of grievous bodily harm in Gympie Magistrates Court on July 21.

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