Jarrod Bleijie
Jarrod Bleijie Cade Mooney

Penalty units set to rise

A MOVE to increase penalty units from $100 to $110 in Queensland is expected to raise an extra $22.6 million revenue a year.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie, introducing an legislative amendment into parliament, said the rise would automatically apply to most fines and infringement notices, but not local laws.

For example, the maximum fine for driving under the influence of alcohol is 28 penalty units, or $2800.

Under the changes, the maximum will increase to $3080.

Mr Bleijie said the Local Government Minister now would liaise with councils to decide how the increased might apply to local laws.

The bill, which amends numerous pieces of legislation, also will introduce a nominal administration fee on criminal justice matters when an offender was found guilty, facilitate the recovery of Queensland Health payroll overpayments and expand the definition of the word relationship under the Civil Proceedings Act 2011.

The bill was referred to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee which will examine how the bill intersects with the rights and liberties of individuals.

Public Submissions close on July 17.

For more information visit the Queensland Parliament website.

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