Party safely with CD Rom

FOR the region’s young people and their families, the end of the year provides plenty of opportunities for celebrations.

School formals, graduations, Schoolies Week and end of year exams are all potential times to party, not to mention birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The Queensland Police Service says all these occasions represent a significant risk, particularly if parties and celebrations are poorly planned.

With the support of QPS, the Queensland Department of Communities, Management of Public Intoxication Program and Community Solutions Inc, Street Angels and 4th Monkey Productions have produced an interactive CD Rom to help children, parents, hosts and guests hold successful, enjoyable and safe parties.

This resource will allow people to inform themselves about important topics including how to host a safe party, Schoolies Week, effective communication strategies, alcohol, drugs, and available resources.

Talk to Gympie police about a copy of the CD Rom, but most importantly, if you are organising a party, make sure you provide police with necessary details such as the location, time and expected numbers attending.

Police will then be fully informed should they have to answer a call to attend your address.

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