Party gets toes tapping up and down Mary St

WINNER:   Lyn Grady, Tony Goodman, Tom Grady and Sally Garrahy outside the winning shop front.
WINNER: Lyn Grady, Tony Goodman, Tom Grady and Sally Garrahy outside the winning shop front. Jacob Carson

"OH YAY, we are here today for you to meet the Gympie people of Mary St,” Town Crier John Beckman bellowed in the middle of Memorial Park yesterday morning.

"Nice one mate, can you do it any louder?” came the response from the back of the crowd as a throng of Muster attendees made their way to the official Pre-Muster Party.

Gympie's main street was transformed yesterday, with trees extravagantly decorated in scarves and streamers.

A number of buskers kept crowds entertained well into the afternoon.

"It's certainly been a lot of work - a very early start to get about 200 hay bales into Mary St,” Bella Casa Furniture's Tony Goodman said.

"But it was really love to see the crowds, particularly in the morning when you had a lot of people coming through.”

It wasn't just the visitors getting into the Muster spirit either, as local businesses competed for the best dressed shop front.

In the end, the trophy went to Gympie stalwarts Tom and Lyn Grady, with a display that honoured the history of the Muster.

Centred around the Webb Brother's hit Who Put the Roo in the Stew?, it featured a very nervous looking inflatable kangaroo next to his mate - legs sticking out of a large cooking pot.

Dotted around the scene are vinyl records and posters commemorating the brothers Webb - founders of what is now one of the largest festivals in the country.

"I think it took us a few hours in total to get it completed,” Ms Grady said as she was handed the trophy.

"Our daughter actually came up from Brisbane to help us out. I think she'll be the most excited out of us all.”

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