Parking bleeding drivers dry

PARKING costs are bleeding Queensland motorists dry to the tune of $162 million a year, and although Gympie's CBD offers free parking, the impact of parking fines has doubled here in recent months.

The Bingle Cost of Motoring Index has found nearly a quarter of Queensland motorists are losing hours each week worrying about parking fees and the threat of parking inspectors and fines.

"Parking costs are certainly top of mind for Queensland drivers: 23% are leaving work or social gatherings regularly to move their car, hoping to save on parking costs or possible fines," Bingle Car Insurance spokeswoman Melanie Vine said.

"Keeping an eye on the clock because you have to move your car, and emptying your wallet as you feed the meter is a huge drain on productivity during the work day, and your finances."

Bingle also found 51% of drivers say they've parked quite a distance from their destination in order to save some money.

"Drivers can pay up to $65 for just four hours of parking in a Brisbane CBD parking station - not exactly loose change. Parking stations and council run car parks are costing Queensland drivers a whopping $75 million in total, per year," Ms Vine said.

"While the park-and-walk strategy might be better for your waistline and your wallet, it isn't always feasible," Ms Vine added.

"It is possible to save on parking costs by doing a little research and making sure you know the deals, whether it's the first three hours free or discount rates at certain times."

Motorists enjoy free parking in all of the Gympie region's commercial precincts, though the threat of getting caught outside the time limit by the parking inspector is a real one to many local workers.

A parking inspector was recently contracted to police the Gympie CBD after several months without one.

Mayor Ron Dyne said while motorists might have enjoyed being spared that stress, it impacted on shopkeepers when cars occupied the parking spaces outside their business all day.

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