Parent cops fine for outburst at principal

AN ANGRY parent has been fined for berating the principal of a Goodna school in front of young students.

Father of three Jason Robert Pitman had become frustrated at the number of times his son had been suspended from school.

On one occasion, his son had been suspended for a week for wrapping himself up in toilet paper.

Fed up with the disciplinary action against his son, Pitman confronted the principal at the school on June 11.

The 40-year-old launched a verbal attack at the principal in front of his students.

As a consequence of his "appalling" behaviour, Pitman appeared at Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday.

He was charged with insulting a staff member of a state educational institution in the presence of students as well as wilfully disturbing the good order or management of a state educational institution.

Defence lawyer Justin Thomas said Pitman was a single parent who was a carer for his eldest son, who had been diagnosed with Asperger's.

Mr Thomas said his client claimed his son had been copping "a number" of suspensions ever since the principal took over the school.

He said Pitman, from Goodna, had taken issue about the suspensions with the school, prior to his outburst.

Mr Thomas said his client was under a significant amount of pressure when he committed the offences.

"His conduct on this occasion was nothing short of appalling and it resulted as a consequence of his frustration boiling over," Mr Thomas said.

"My client is very embarrassed about his conduct upon reflection."

Magistrate Donna MacCallum noted that Pitman had previously been charged for a public nuisance offence.

Ms MacCallum told Pitman that his verbal attack on the principal in front of the students was "atrocious".

"Some of those students were quite young and didn't deserve to be subjected to the state of your anger and the language you were using at the time," she said.

"If you had complaints about the principal's conduct, there were ways you could have dealt with it, rather than in the manner you did.

"Your behaviour was probably embarrassing for your son as well."

Pitman was convicted and fined $750.


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