Paramedic bashed by 9-year-old

A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy kicked a paramedic in the face during a violent outburst at an Ipswich skate park.

In the second attack on Queensland Ambulance staff within a fortnight, the boy lashed out at the female paramedic about 4.45pm Sunday following an argument with his mother and father.

Ipswich Child Protection and Investigation Unit Sergeant Greg Williams said an ambulance was initially called to the Bundamba skate park to attend to an unrelated incident, where a 21-year-old skater had twisted his ankle.

It was after treating the skateboarder that the paramedic noticed a physical confrontation between a young boy and his mother and father.

“The father had attempted to restrain his son and they both ended up on the ground,” Sgt Williams said.

The paramedic then approached the boy and knelt down towards him when he kicked at her, striking her face.

QAS south-east region Assistant Commissioner Jayne Barnes said the paramedic was only trying to assess the boy when she was assaulted.

The 37-year-old victim sustained a bloody nose with bruising and soreness, however, her nose was not broken.

A complaint was made against the boy, but since he was under the age of criminal responsibility, which is 10, police could only provide him with “behavioural counselling” before letting him go.

Sgt Williams said the boy had since written a letter of apology, which would be forwarded on to the victim.

The assault followed another alleged attack on paramedics, who were called to assist a man who had knocked himself out by head butting a wall at Ebbw Vale on June 30.

Police arrived at the Brisbane Rd residence after the man struck out at medical staff that were sent there to help. Other occupants of the house were then involved in a clash with police.

There were no significant injuries.

Four people were arrested and a fifth person charged.

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