Palmer's 'marital spat' with Abbot

MINING billionaire Clive Palmer has compared a heated stoush with Federal LNP leader Tony Abbott over paid political lobbyists to a marital spat.

Mr Palmer apologised for the foul language he levelled at his party's leader at a meeting in Melbourne last week as he called on all political parties to ban paid political lobbyists from holding positions on party executives.

He said there was plenty of swearing during their discussion when he spoke from his headquarters in Brisbane on Tuesday.

"I can't recall if Mr Abbott was swearing because I was swearing a bit more than he was," he said.

"I've got particular views on certain things and he's got particular views and they may be different.

"But that's what we want in Australia, we want freedom of speech.

"It's like going mad at your wife, you don't know what you're saying when you do it and you regret it later.

"I certainly regret and apologise to Mr Abbot that I raised my voice and said the most inappropriate things my wife would have thrown me out of the house for."

When asked who would win in a fist-fight, Mr Palmer said: "He's a lot younger than me and a lot fitter but I've got a lot more padding".

Mr Palmer said the Queensland's LNP party had already banned lobbyists serving on the state executive and there would be a motion moved on the matter at a federal level meeting in Melbourne this weekend.

He said there should not be people heading any political party who might become compromised by people who pay them money.

"All parties that have paid political lobbyists as their leaders leave themselves open to undue influence," he said.

"Having paid political lobbyists as party officials means the party can be bought and its policies can be bought.

Mr Abbott told media in Canberra there was no evidence any serving members had been compromised.

"I think that the federal executive of the Liberal Party should be open to people from all walks of life," he said.

"If they've got the talent to serve, if they've got the willingness to serve, they should be able to do so."

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