Pal joey takes a shine to watching TV on the couch

A TINY kangaroo joey who took shelter from the rain on the back verandah of a Mary St, Grafton, house this week will have a few tales to tell its kids - if that's what kangaroos do.

Robert Valentine is an early riser, but on Thursday he was beaten to the punch by a little joey he found soaking wet near his back door.

"I was up at the crack of dawn and here was this little fellow soaked to the skin on my verandah," Mr Valentine said.

The good Samaritan took the little fellow inside and towelled him dry.

"He gave me a kick and a scratch for that," he said.

Mr Valentine was soon in the good books, with a bowl of cream diluted with water lapped up quickly.

"After that he followed me around and jumped up on my bed," he said.

"When I settled in to watch some TV he jumped up on the lounge with me and watched TV as well."

Mr Valentine was not sure if his new little mate was a wild roo sheltering in town from the floods or a rescued animal that got away.

"I think he might have been with someone, because he's quite comfortable around people and doesn't seem to mind you patting him.

"He's got lovely soft fur."

Mr Valentine called WIRES, which was due to send someone around to pick up the joey and return him to the wild when the time was right.

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USC Gympie numbers on the rise

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