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CLOSURE of Gympie's only hydrotherapy pool will have repercussions for the people who use the facility and their health and well-being.

The pool was originally built by the Gympie community and Blue Nurses after a great deal of fundraising to develop the respite centre on the city's Southside.

Not only was much of the money raised within the community the construction work was also done with a great deal of volunteer assistance from the project management through to some of the work undertaken.

It was revealed this week that the pool has had an undetected leak for some time but it appears that nothing has been done to rectify the problem until it reached a stage where the pool has had to be shutdown.

Just why it has taken so long for the organisation management charged with running the Gympie operation along with a number of other centres in southern Queensland to act is unknown but it seems that money restraints may be part of the problem.

Blue Care is a huge organisation and provides vital medical and home care services in this community and many others across Australia.

The Southside facility has been very much part of this work in the Gympie community for more than a decade and is a service that this every ageing community can ill afford to lose.

It is heartening that consultants are being engaged to not only look at the pool problems but also at the needs for the entire complex over the next decade.

No doubt repairs and any future infrastructure expenses will be costly but it has to be remembered that this complex initially came at a much reduced price to the organisation.

When the report is completed funding must be allocated to carry out the work and get this vital piece of Gympie's medical care infrastructure back fully operational.

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