Craig Warhurst

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SOMETHING has to be done and fast, before the Bruce-Wide Bay highways intersection north of Gympie, becomes the scene of yet another fatal crash.

The intersection has already had fatal crashes happen at it but of late it seems that rear end crashes are becoming an alarmingly all too often occurrence.

The intersection has been upgraded over the last few years but the smashes are still happening and it may not all be the fault of the road.

Speed limit through the area has been lowered to 90 kilometres per hour along with a great deal of the highway in this area but this proven nought when it comes to smashes, although the lower impact speed may be the reason that lives are not being lost at this spot.

Urgent work is needed in the area, not only to repair the Bell's Bridge section of the intersection but to lengthen pull off lanes.

It also appears that there may be a problem when it comes to the manner of driving in the area. Though loathe to label hard working truck drivers as the cause it seems that all too many smashes are the result of heavy transport vehicles smashing into the rear of other vehicles.

Everyone, including the heavy rigs drivers, knows they cannot stop instantly, so perhaps more braking distance is needed from the vehicle in front. This does not only apply to trucks but to all drivers on our roads, all too often a driver leaves a little space between his and the vehicle in front only to find another vehicle overtaking and squeezing in.

It is only a matter of time before a major crash resulting in loss of life happens at this northern highways' intersection if those responsible continue to ignore the problems.

A similar situation once existed at the Matilda intersection south of Gympie before authorities acted, we do not need as many people to lose their lives to gain action.

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